Capillary and Varicose Vein

Telangiectasia (capillary) or “spider vein” in other words is “small vein expansion” near the surface of the skin. It may be seen on all parts of the body, primarily on face and legs. It does not have a serious health risk, however there may arise venous deficiency and legs may be in pain after long times spent on foot. Varicose veins are the expansion and distension depending on the weakening of the vein wall. This may cause serious health problems (thrombophlebitis, edema, pain, thrombus, ulcer…) and it should be evaluated by your doctor. The real reason behind these problems seen in veins is not known. It is more frequently seen among women. Pregnancy, hormonal conditions, circulatory disorder, vein injury, sun light, over weight gain, alcohol and drug usage, tight clothes and genetic predisposition have important impacts.


  • Regular walks
  • Not to stand on foot for long
  • Holding the legs up while resting
  • Diet with food low in salt and fat
  • Not to wear tight clothes and high heeled shoes
  • Wearing varsity socks
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Avoid heavy lifting
  • Not to take a bath with very hot water
  • Protecting the ideal weight

Medicine injection is done to the vein, which is expanded, with very tiny needles. The vein blocks and it is removed in time by the body. The treatment lasts short and it is easy-to-apply. Bandage is used after the treatment. Repetitive sessions may be required in sclerotherapy depending on the patient. New vasodilatations, skin spots, infections and pain problems may arise after the treatment.

Surgical Treatment
It is preferred for the veins disposed to ulceration and hemorrhage.

Electric Treatment
Electric current is delivered to the vein through a tiny needle and the vein is burnt.

Laser – IPL VEIN TREATMENTS (Varicose vein, Telangiectasia, hemangioma)

IPL Laser treatment
IPL laser system is a nonsurgical secure and effective treatment method for venules.
Light energy is delivered to the targeted vein and it is absorbed by the vein.
Heat absorption in the vein ends with "thermocoagulation", and this vein is absorbed by the body gradually.

What happens in the treatment?
Our doctors determine the veins to be treated first. There has not generally been any complaints arising in this trouble-free treatment or small complaints may be experienced. Some patients may feel transient light stings after the light is sent.

How long does the treatment last?
Significant recuperation is experienced by the majority of the patients after the first or second treatment. More sessions may be required for a full treatment. These sessions are generally held within three to four weeks.

What happens after the treatment?
Purple spots that may be seen in the parts, where the treatment is applied, generally disappear after the first week. Papule or incrustation is not generally seen. Bath with very hot water or excessive exercising should be avoided for the success of the treatment for the legs.

There is not any ideal treatment. Treatment plan is determined after the examination, treatments may need combined methods in some cases.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.

Articles in our website are for information purposes. Any health problems should be diagnosed and treated by the doctor.