By injecting CO2 into the tissues below the skin, fats in the problematic area are split into pieces and metabolism gets faster.

How is the treatment process?
It is the injection of CO2 on the skin and below the skin with very thin needles. Circulation accelerates, tissues are renewed and fats are split into pieces in the area where CO2 is injected.

What can carboxytherapy be used to treat?
It is used for the treatment of the cellulite and regional slimming. It reduces the stretches in the body and is highly effective on stretch marks.

Do I feel pain during the treatment?
Slight pain is possible during the treatment and temporary bruising after the treatment.

What kind of follow-up care is needed after the treatment?
Bathing, sauna and swimming is not recommended for 4 hours following the treatment. Other daily activities can be performed.

How many sessions does the treatment take?
It can be continued for 10-20 sessions depending on the problem of the patient. It is applied 2-3 times a week. Results are visible 4-5 sessions later. Duration of the session is around 15-20 minutes.

Who should not undergo the treatment?
Pregnant women
People with clotting problem
Patients with uncontrollable diabetes
Patients with heart and kidney diseases
Cancer patients

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